Spring Scales

spring scales

These are the kind of kitchen scales that have a dial on the front and a needle that points to the weight, which is normally show in both metric and imperial untis. They are mechanical in nature, so no batteries required. They work by measuring how far a spring compresses under its load, with the needle attached to the spring thereby showing the weight.

You don't get all the fancy functions that you can get with digital kitchen scales, although some do have an add and weigh function. Alternatively you can manually re-set the sacales back to zero to then add and weigh. They aren't considered the most accurate of kitchen scales. Some of the cheaper scales tend to have wobbly neadles so it can be difficult to get a very accurate reading, particularly for smaller quantaties. Also over time the spring can stretch and be affected by temperature thereby reducing its accuracy. On the plus side there are, in the higher price ranges, some very stylish models on the market. At the other extreme if you're on a very tight budget some of these scales can be picked up dirt cheap, some less than £5. But keep in mind with this kind of kitchen scale you will get what you pay for.