Speciality Kitchen Scales

Diet Scales

These are digital kitchen scales aimed at anyone serious about losing weight or with specific dietry requirement. Functions vary between models but many will calculate fat, calories, cholesterol, fibre, protein, sodium and carbohydrates. The last function being usuful for diabetics who need to count carbohydrates.

Digital Spoon Scales

Great for wieghing very small amounts of dry or wet ingreadients, for example herbs and spices. Compact for easy storage with other cooking utensils or for taking along when travelling. Down side - can obviously only be used for small amounts.

Trivit Scales by Salter

Take your hot pan off the hob straight onto your trivit scales and weigh your ingredient directly into the pan. Anything that saves on the washing up is a good idea in our book! With a polished stainless steel finish and an LCD that slides in and out , these kitchen scales look good so could be left out on the worktop to be used just as a trivit. Comes with the Salter Aquatronic feature to weigh liquids and has a 6kg capacity.

Have a look at the video for a review and demo of Salter's trivit scales in action.

Electronic Vocal Scales

Terraillon together with the Royal National Institute for the Blind have come up with kitchen scales for use by the partially sighted or blind that will speak the weight and also have braille printed switches. Other features include a large bowl with handle and spout for easy pouring and add and weigh function.