Kitchen Scales Manufacturers

With so many different brands of kitchen scales on the market we thought it would be helpful to write a brief overview about some of the leading brands and show a selection of example products from each. We've listed 4 of the leading brands each of which has an extensive range to choose from.


Probably the oldest and one of the best known brands for scales is Salter. Salter was establish around 250 years ago during the 1760's in the small English village of Bilston. Today Salter is owned by the HoMedics group and, with a 40% market share for domestic scales, has become the leading brand in the UK and distributes to over 100 other countries around the world. Their product range is extensive and includes not only kitchen and bathroom scales, but also analyser scales, kitchen accessories and professional kitchen knives.

Salter scales are available to buy online from Amazon and typically come with a 10 year guarantee, see below for some of their most popular products.


Terraillon have been established for over 60 years. Their headquarters are based in Paris, France with production being divided around Europe and Asia. They are a European brand leader and export to over 80 countires worldwide. They also incorporate the Hanson brand.

Terraillon aim to produce high quality engineered products that are unique, innovative and easy to use. All Terraillon kitchen scale have a liquid measurement facility and an add and weigh tare function.

See below for a range of Terraillon kitchen scales available to buy from Amazon.


Typhoon are well known for stylish and trendy homeware at reasonable prices. They produce several ranges of electronic and spring dial kitchen scales, some of which are part of co-ordinating collections of kitchen ware products. Typhoon kitchen scales are available to purchase online at Amazon.


Weylux weighing equipment is manufactured by H Fereday and Sons Limited. A British company established in 1862 it is today still owned and run by the Fereday family. Amongst many other products Weylux produce a range of good quality and robust weighing scales for professional caterers and bakers. These include electronic, mechanical dial and balance scales. They also produce 'The Queen', a slightly smaller balance scale perfect for home use. The Queen will accurately weigh very light ingredients down to 5g, is available in a range of 7 colours and comes with a lifetime guarantee.