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Scales v Measuring Cups

Monday, 22nd March 2010

measuring cups In the UK it's pretty rare for anyone to use measuring cups for their ingredients, let alone find a recipe that lists the ingredients this way. So I was really surprised to find that this still seems to be the predominant way Americans are measuring their ingredients and that most own measuring cups but not kitchen scales.  Read more »

Emma Bridgewater Valentines Gifts

Monday, 8th February 2010

emma bridgewater With Valentines Day just around the corner you might well be on the look out for the perfect gift for that someone special (or for yourself!). We think that Emma Bridgewater's pottery in the Pink Hearts design would definately fit the bill and would make a great gift whatever the occassion be it birthday, wedding or valentines.  Read more »


Sunday, 7th February 2010

If you love poached eggs but can't seem to get them just right or if you simply hate the mess they can leave in the pan, then we've found the perfect gadget for you - and by all accounts it one that really works.  Read more »