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Looking for kitchen scales? Then this is the site for you. Our aim is to bring you information on the different types of scales available and the pro's and con's of each. Whether you're looking for digital, mechanical spring dial or traditional balance scales we have lots of information, guides and reviews to help you find the best scales for your kitchen. So, Whether you're a seasoned cook looking to replace existing scales or you're just looking for stylish scales that will accessorise your kitchen beautifully we have the information you need.

Why use kitchen scales?

If you want to guarantee perfection when cooking then, at the very least, you need to start with correct quantaties of ingrediants and the only way to do that is accurate measuring. Guessing just doesn't work especially for things like cakes and pastries. If a cake recipe calls for 6oz of flour it needs 6oz not 5 1/5 or 7.

Measuring cups, often used in the US are not the answer either. With measuring cups what you are really doing is measuring volume. This is a problem because the volume of some ingredients, for instance flour, which is easily compressible can vary depending on whether its been sifted or spooned into the cup or even by how long its been sitting in its packet. This means that your ingredients are inconsistently measured and you may not get the same result twice. I've read on many US cooking forums of people having baked a cake once and it came out great, baked it again and the texture was too heavy - with the most likely explanation being too much flour.

With scales you will get accuracy time and time again. This allows you the flexibility to tweak a recipe to your personal taste - maybe add a little more sugar or a little less butter. Make a note of your change and if its successful you can repeat the recipe again and again.

Scales also win in the battle of speed. With scales there is no need for levelling off or using multiple cups (which will all need cleaning), just place your first ingredient on the scale, adding more or less as required, tare them and add the next. Easy.

What's the right scale for me?

With so many different types and brands of kitchen scales available all with varing price ranges its difficult to know which is the right one for you. We've put together an overview of some of the leading manufacturers of kitchen scales, together with a few examples of their products to help make your search a little easier. We also have a section on speciality scales which looks at products such as diet scales, spoon scales and talking scales.

Looking After Your Kitchen Scales

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And For The Children...

So, whilst you're busy whipping up something delicious in the kitchen (using your new scales of course), try keeping the children occupied with their own play scales. We found these on Amazon and thought that they would appeal to all those children who love playing shop or pretend cooking. And of course whilst they're playing they're learning all about the basic principals of balance, weighing and numbers without even realising it.